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Ozone therapy is approved for use in many countries around the world. After 144 years of usage, ozone is used and/or approved in more than 5025 countries including Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Cuba, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Honduras, Britain, Egypt, Oman, Sudan, Lebanon, UAE and more than 25 U.S. states.

about ozone

Ozone is created when oxygen molecules in the air are split into two separate atoms. These freed atoms of oxygen recombine to form the tri-tomic form of oxygen, or ozone.

Ozone has the ability to combine with bacteria, viruses at a molecular level, and destroy them. Once in the cell, ozone breaks down the nuclei of the cell, stops its ability to replicate, which leads to cellular death.  Ozone therapy only oxidizes anaerobic cells, viruses, microbes, bacteria, fungi, etc. Healthy cells are aerobic and are not affected.

Ozone is also used for purifying drinking water throughout Europe. To purify water with ozone, the ozone must be generated on-site and added to the water by bubble contact. The advantage of purifying water using ozone instead of chlorine is that ozone leaves no potentially hazardous by-products in the water. Ozone in water purification has no odour, does not adversely affect the taste of the water, and reverts to oxygen well before the water is consumed.

Ozone has been approved for use in hospitals as an effective way to sterilize surgical instruments. The most important aspect of this advancement is that ozone does not leave behind a toxic residue. Chemical cleaners must be rinsed off the instruments, so the possibility of incomplete cleaning and remaining chemical residue is always a possibility.

Ozone therapy have been used medically for over 100 years.

what is ozone?

Ozone is used to treat a large number of symptoms and issues that keep us from feeling and looking our best. It provides a simple but highly effective wellness strategy for men and women of any age. It’s unique, it’s effective, and it’s proven.  Ozone therapy is ideal for Anti-Ageing, Enhancing Athletic Performance, Beauty, Detoxification, Pain Management, Weight Loss and Wellness.

why use ozone?

The warm steam of the sauna relaxes the muscles and nervous system. The oxidative power of ozone oxidizes toxic chemicals, viruses and bacteria while enhancing excretion of heavy metals in the lipid tissue. This leaves pure oxygen in the blood stream as a by-product.



Our bodies are exposed to large numbers and amounts of toxic chemicals, many of which harm the body, though the effects are often subtle. They accumulate in the water and air. Avoiding exposure is all but impossible. Ozone Sauna therapy stands is a safe, effective therapeutic therapy to help eliminate chemical toxins from the body.



Periodic use of ozone enhances circulation, nourishes glands, cleanses skin and offers many of the benefits of exercise. Ozone reduces clumping of red cells and restores its flexibility and oxygen carrying ability. Ozone oxidizes plaques in arteries allowing removal of the breakdown products. Due to the oxygen enhancement it rapidly increases energy levels and provides a feeling of well-being.





Spending time in ozone sauna therapy is a powerful yet safe healing therapy. The sauna assists circulation and adds energy to the body, decongesting internal organs, healing infections and helping many other body systems. In particular, conventional medicine often overlooks the effects of toxic chemicals and heavy metals on one’s health. Ozone hydrotherapy can help remove these. Ozone inhibits tumor metabolism and increases the ability of phagocytes to kill tumor cells.



The warmth and calming atmosphere make ozone hydrotherapy ideal for emotional and physical cleansing. The ozone sauna is a wonderful place to contemplate, meditate and release fears and negativity.

Ozone is an Adjuvant Therapy and does not rule out Classic Medicine. Ozone has remarkable results in combination with Classic Medicine or alone if Classic Medicine cannot be used due to ineffectiveness or side-effects.







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